Sega Plans Virtua Fighter Trio of Downloads

PLATFORM: Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network

Virtua Fighter

Japanese tweeter Sacra has a keen eye for new Xbox Live Arcade releases, and spotted a trio of juicy titbits in Sega’s upcoming release schedule

It would seem that three of the software giant’s 3D fighting games from the 90s are set to get similar treatment to the recent – and quite excellent – porting of NiGHTS Into Dreams on Xbox Live Arcade.

Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic the Fighters and Fighting Vipers are all coming to XBLA and PSN – at some point. Currently pegged as the Model 2 Collection, named after the arcade hardware that delivered these games, it would seem that Japan is to receive the games first at 800 Microsoft Points (or 800 Yen). The release is imminent, judging by the official Japanese website, although there’s no precise day as yet.

Neither is there any mention of a worldwide release, though it’s only a formality (we hope). What we’re really interesting in knowing is whether this Model 2 Collection will include an HD update, with a widescreen view as NiGHTS received, or whether it’ll be a straight port.

Either way, Virtual Fighter 2 is on our list, as this was the game that originally sold us the awesome Saturn console back in the mid-90s. Watch this space.