Zombie Driver HD

PLATFORM: Xbox Live Arcade

Zombie Driver HD

I'm something of a nostalgic gamer. You could almost say that I went for a stroll down Memory lane, and got lost, and now I just wander around those forgotten cobbled streets looking in the windows and talking to myself.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re into retro gaming. It means you remember all the good stuff and aren't seduced by flashy visuals. Like when Grand Theft Auto was a top-down driving game, and was actually a lot more fun than the complex sandbox game-movies that populate the franchise these days.

Zombie Driver HD recreates a lot of what was great about the first two GTA games by viewing the action from above while you drive around as quickly and recklessly as possible, running over as many people as you can before your motor explodes. In this case, however, they’re not people; they’re zombies, but the difference is much the same when they’re bouncing off your windscreen and under your tyres.

Various missions are offered up, such as rescuing useful people who are stranded in the middle of the overrun city, but the action is always based around fast driving and hard flooring. Unlike GTA, you can arm your car, which is a great addition to the gameplay; firing off machine guns or flame-throwers to clear a path through the walkers as you head for your objective.

It does stall a little when you realise you’re stuck in the car, though. At times you've to take out bosses or huge zombies, which generally means trying to point your car directly at them and emptying your guns. But sitting still like that is a sure way to get yourself killed, so only being able to shoot straight forward adds a degree of frustration that Zombie Driver HD really doesn't need.

That small quirk aside, this is an action-packed and blood-soaked romp that asks for very little commitment on your part. Stamp on the pedal, go on a rampage, repeat and forget. Sounds like pretty good escapism to me.

 RATING: 7/10