Turret Commander


 Turret Commander

It might not hold up to a great deal of scrutiny these days, but the scene in Star Wars when Han and Luke man the Millennium Falcon’s turret guns to take out the Tie Fighters was a damnably exciting moment in cinema history. A few flash computer graphics, the excitement of sitting behind a gun that’s bigger than you are, and chasing down high-speed fighters to get them in your sights was a masterpiece of action and tension.

Turret Commander for the iPhone might not harness the same sci-fi scenario, but it certainly delivers the excitement and power of manning a ship’s main guns during a thrilling aerial dog fight.

You don’t have to worry about piloting the actual bomber in Turret Commander; the flight path is handled automatically while you watch the rear of the plane. Dozens of enemy aircraft are on your tail, and each mission requires slightly different results to progress to the next level. This might be taking out 50 planes, or surviving for a certain amount of time, but none are particularly easy.

With some outstanding weather and environmental effects conspiring to block your view of incoming threats, you need speed and a sharp eye to make progress in Turret Commander. Your guns overheat quickly, too, so accuracy is your friend. Keep the trigger pulled and all that will happen is your gun will jam right when you need it the most.

The cooling speed, power and a host of other aspects can be upgraded either through in-app purchases, or by replaying a few levels to shore up the in-game currency and buy the power-ups without parting with any more cash. Topping off the game’s great features is the option to upload a photo of your sweetheart to keep you inspired while blasting away at the enemy.

All in all, a powerhouse shooter that never lets up for a second, and puts you in right in the hot seat for some serious aerial dog fighting action.

 RATING: 8/10