007 Legends

PLATFORMS: Xbox 360, PS3

007 Legends

Okay, here's a bit of controversy to kick things off: very few Bond films are actually any good. They've got nostalgic and camp value the keeps them entertaining on bank holiday afternoons, but only a select handful of them actually offer a gratifying cinematic experience.

It's even worse for Bond tie-in games. Golden Eye proved that 007 is worthy of a great console outing, but the evidence suggests the superb N64 shooter was the exception, and not the rule. It was also clearly the inspiration, or at least the spiritual gaming guru, of the new 007 Legends game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sadly this one falls into the 'A View to a Kill' pile, and soon reveals itself to be little more than a trite aspect of Skyfall's grand marketing campaign.

It actually begins within the new Skyfall realm, as James is shot while fighting on the roof of a moving train. As he falls to what would be anyone else’s death, his life flashes before his eyes and the scene is set to rehash moments from the Bond canon as a first person shooter.

Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, License to Kill and Moonraker all become levels in 007 Legends as Bond replays them in his mind. Once the new film hits the cinema, Skyfall will also be added to the roster as DLC.

But it's not the raping of the films that's the worst thing about the game. It's that the developer (presumably under immense micro-management pressure from the film company) has attempted to cherry-pick from the best Bond game ever made, rather than come up with new and original gameplay. It's effectively Golden Eye 2, only this really doesn't cut it for modern day consoles.

The stilted gameplay and complete lack of discernible life within the action amounts to little more than a tepid retro remake of a game that doesn't need remaking. Bond fans especially should steer clear of this one.

RATING: 3.5/10