Resident Evil 6

PLATFORMS: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Resident Evil 6

Capcom's in a difficult position with a series like Resident Evil. It's well established, and well loved. It's represented by some of the best games of all time, but dogged by repetition. We want – and even expect – more Resident Evil games, but keeping up the pace without killing the game is becoming an increasingly impossible task.

Take Resident Evil 6. It’s a good game. It has the potential to have been a great game, but not while it's shackled to the Resident Evil franchise. Set free from its legacy, and developed in its own right this could have been the beginnings of an all-new horror series, but instead it loses too much momentum in trying to be like the other Resident Evil games (the good ones, anyway).

It so many ways, this game should work far better than it does. The aiming is quite critical, but it's a skill development issue rather than poor design. With practice and dedication you can bull’s-eye a zombie in a very satisfying way, and there’s handholding options via laser sights and reticules, should you want them.

This is a big game, too. The kind of big that Douglas Adams so aptly described when talking about space. And yet, for all its size, you're entirely shepherded through the levels from checkpoint to checkpoint; killing the sensation of tiptoeing around a creepy old mansion or a backwater farming town. Instead you're on an inflexible ghost train, shooting when you have to and running to the next safe spot the rest of the time.

It looks stunning, of course, and that gloss does manage to plaster over many of Resident Evil 6’s cracks. But it’s not so much a worthy successor as a good mimic, and that’s simply not as easy to enjoy. Wait until it’s in the bargain bins, and then definitely grab it.

RATING: 5.5/10